Graphic designer and visual journalist with a particular focus on developing interactive web documentaries, data visualizations, motion graphics and video reportages.
Thanks to his wide skill set, he can manage different aspects of multimedia projects —from the drafting of a project proposal, creating a visual identity, to directing and outlining a publication strategies.
Since 2012, he has worked on numerous interactive web documentaries on issues of social importance. Amongst others, he has been working with Al-Jazeera (Qatar) Internazionale (Italy) Der Spiegel (Germany) El Pais (Spain) VRT News(Belgium).
Since 2017 is member of the visual storytelling collective Latitude
Collaborators and Media Partners:
2013 ”Made In Italy (Behind the Scene)” (Performance) @ Caffè Letterario, Brescia, Italy
2014 ”Made In Italy (Behind the Scene)” (Performance) @ Libera Festival, Otranto, Italy
2014 ”Made In Italy (Behind the Scene)” (Performance) @ Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italy
2015 ”We Waste” (Video Installation) @ Luca School of Art, Brussels, Belgium
2017 ”With Bare Hands” (Personal exhibition) @ European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

2013 ”Data Journalism” (Panel) @ Dig It, Florence, Italy
2014 ”Giornalisti Minacciati in Italia” (Project Presentation) @ Dig It, Florence, Italy
2015 ”The Truth Behind the Data” (Lecture) @Free University of Bolzano, Bolzano, Italy
2016 ”Borderline” (Project Presentation) @Festival di Internazionale, Ferrara, Italy
2017 ”Make Work Work” (Conference Talk) @Free University of Bolzano, Bolzano, Italy 
2017 - ”Impact Africa” (Panel)  @Code for Africa, Zanzibar, Tanzania
2017 - ”Information design” (Workshop) @Universiteit Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2012 – Winner of the prize Maria Luisa Tschigg for best socially engaged bachelor project, with the performance Made in Italy behind the Scene.
2013 – Official Selection Human Right film Festival of New York (U.S.), Category Short Film with the project Made in Italy (Behind the Scene)
2013 – Winner of Imperia Film Festival (Italy), Category Short Film with the project Made in Italy (Behind the Scene)
2014 – European Media Prize Official Selection, with the project The Dark Side of Italian Tomato
2015 – Winner of DIG Award (Italy) Category data driven reportage with the project E-Waste Republic
2016 – Longlisted for the One World Media Award for the multimedia work “Invisible Killer”