I am a graphic designer and visual journalist with a particular focus on developing interactive web documentaries, data visualizations, motion graphics and video reportages.
Thanks to my wide skill set I am capable of managing different aspects of multimedia project, from the drafting of a project proposal, creating a visual identity, directing and outlining a publication strategy.
Since 2012 I collaborate with several media outlets in the realization of multimedia projects on various topic. Amongst other, I have been working with Al-Jazeera (Qatar) Internazionale (Italy) Der Spiegel (Germany) El Pais (Spain).

In 2016 I took part at the NieuwsHub as a consultant. NiewsHub is a department of the national Belgian television VRT, with the purpose to develop new online publication strategies and widening their internet audience.

In 2017 I was a consultant for the South African Based NGO Code for Africa, which aims to support and develop innovative journalistic formats for Africans media outlets.
Collaborators and Media Partners:
2013 ”Made In Italy (Behind the Scene)” (Performance) @ Caffè Letterario, Brescia, Italy
2014 ”Made In Italy (Behind the Scene)” (Performance) @ Libera Festival, Otranto, Italy
2014 ”Made In Italy (Behind the Scene)” (Performance) @ Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italy
2015 ”We Waste” (Video Installation) @ Luca School of Art, Brussels, Belgium
2017 ”With Bare Hands” (Personal exhibition) @ European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

2013 ”Data Journalism” (Panel) @ Dig It, Florence, Italy
2014 ”Giornalisti Minacciati in Italia” (Project Presentation) @ Dig It, Florence, Italy
2015 ”The Truth Behind the Data” (Lecture) @Free University of Bolzano, Bolzano, Italy
2016 ”Borderline” (Project Presentation) @Festival di Internazionale, Ferrara, Italy
2017 ”Make Work Work” (Conference Talk) @Free University of Bolzano, Bolzano, Italy 
2017 - ”Impact Africa” (Panel)  @Code for Africa, Zanzibar, Tanzania
2017 - ”Information design” (Workshop) @Universiteit Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2012 – Winner of the prize Maria Luisa Tschigg for best socially engaged bachelor project, with the performance Made in Italy behind the Scene.
2013 – Official Selection Human Right film Festival of New York (U.S.), Category Short Film with the project Made in Italy (Behind the Scene)
2013 – Winner of Imperia Film Festival (Italy), Category Short Film with the project Made in Italy (Behind the Scene)
2014 – European Media Prize Official Selection, with the project The Dark Side of Italian Tomato
2015 – Winner of DIG Award (Italy) Category data driven reportage with the project E-Waste Republic
2016 – Longlisted for the One World Media Award for the multimedia work “Invisible Killer”