Client: Medecins Sans Fronieres
In the past few years, thousands of people have been helped by MSF while trying to cross the Mediterranean in the desperate attempt to escape from wars and life-threatening conditions. It was time to provide a clear source of information to show how huge and important the work done by MSF has been so far. Thanks to the website people from all over the world can discover more about Search and Rescue activities, explore data on every operation, navigate an interactive map and detailed graphs that explain in a transparent way how MSF saves lives at sea.
Interactive Map
Together with Code for Africa and Latte Creative I was in charge of the design of the interactive map, a tool that allows the user to explore a lot of information in an engaging and easy way. Filters can be used to select specific vessels and different types of the operation, while ships are displayed by dots that, when clicked, open a data sheet with detailed information such as the number of people rescued and the duration of every operation.

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