Guardians of the forest
From the project: Lungs of the Earth
In the Borneo's Rain Forest, each years thousands of hectare of forest are disappearing because of unlawful deforestation practice. But an U.S. based startup might have found a solution thanks to second hand smartphones.
Al Jazeera
Stolen Youth 
From the project: With Bare Hand
This short video tells the stories of the numerous kids daily working in the shipbreaking yards of Bangladesh, and how a local NGO is creating jobs in order to take those kids out of the yards.
Al Jazeera
They have to kill all of us
Life of bloggers in Bangladesh
Since 2013, twenty bloggers and free-thinkers have been brutally killed in the streets of Bangladesh. This video tells the stories of this people, living a confined life, and constantly under threat.
Radio Televisione Svizzera
Invisible killer
From the project: Invisible Killer
What is the nature of tuberculosis and why it affects economically disadvantaged countries? This short videos take us in to the plague of tuberculosis in South Africa, the country con the highest incidence in the world.

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