In the outskirt of Accra, the capital of Ghana, there is one of the biggest scrap yard of Africa. There each years the worker of this scrapyard dismantle and break apart 100.000 tons of electronic waste. The project We Waste is a video installation that aims to inform the viewer on the topic of electronic waste production. By analyzing different aspects of this topic, the project offers an overview on the downside of consumer society and the throw-away culture. And how those behaviors are affecting the lives of millions of people in the other side of the globe. The installation is composed by three screens that will interact with each other and tell the story on tree separate layers. There separate levels that are part of a single narration in which every element is fundamental in the creation of the narrative. Animated charts and maps are combined with real-life stories. The stories of the people that are daily struggling with try to fight this problematic but also trying to find creative way to solve it.