Each year in Alang, India, and Chittagong, Bangladesh, hundreds of ships are simply run ashore on beaches where unscrupulous Shipbreaking companies exploit minimal enforcement of environmental and safety rules to maximize profits. The ships are full of toxic material such as asbestos, lead, and heavy metals, that contribute to polluting the environment contaminating soil, water and threatening human health and the lives of farmers and fishermen.
With Bare Hands, is a journey in one of the most polluting and deadliest businesses of the planet.
With Bare Hands is an interactive feature published on 3 international media outlets. This project tackles the issue of shipbreaking from two different points of view. On one hand, users can explore the human stories of people living in the vicinities of the shipbreaking yards of India and Bangladesh, and understand how this practice can affect the everyday lives of the people. On the other hand, complex data visualisations explain the topic from a more global perspective, helping the user to grasp the magnitude of the problematic.
Link To project:
Data Visualization
A project by: Tomaso Clavarino (text and photography) and Isacco Chiaf (video and design)
Map Coding: Carlos Guimaraes
Video Editor: Luca Vigliani
Music: Michele Sarda and Loris Spanu

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