Directed by Isacco Chiaf
Written By
Isacco Chiaf, Serenella Martufi, Sharanya Deepak, Carolina Massie
In collaboration with Medeber Teatro
Live music performed and composed by: Isacco Chiaf
Live Narration: Serenella Martufi
Supported by:
NGO Shipbreaking Platform, European Journalism Center, Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation.
Based on the multimedia project With Bare Hands by
Tomaso Clavarino and Isacco Chiaf – Co-produced by AlJazeera, El Paìs, Corriere della Sera

Each year more than 500 ocean-going vessels reach the coasts of Chittagong in Bangladesh to be dismantled by local underskilled workers. In the last 30 years, ship-dismantling activities have transformed the once pristine coasts of Chittagong into one of the most polluted and dangerous working sites of the world. With Bare Hands Live is a live narration documentary performance that exposes how shipping companies are making profits off the backs of the thousands of people living along these coasts.

Fete de la Musique @La Vallee - Bruxelles
Beursschouwburg - Bruxelles
Kano - Bruxelles
Live Performers Meeting @Spin Time Labs - Rome
Luca School Of Art - Bruxelles
Due to the current Covid-19 situation, all future performance has been canceled.

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